Setting up OS X Server for sane ftp access

I had a problem ... don't I always? ... I couldn't admin WordPress "normally" with ftp access on my own server. The problem was that OS X Server ftp setup was minimal, at best, non-functional would be a better description. It took a while but I was able to get it working pretty well. I have a ways to go but I got it working for one of the web sites. Here's what I found ...


On my systems I have fortune enabled at login.  Some can be good, some are marginally printable. I like this one I got this evening:

     smog  |   bricks
 AIR  --  mud  --  FIRE
soda water |   tequila

Mmmm, tequila!


I hate it when that happens!

My hard drive failed! On my laptop. When I woke it this morning it was very sluggish, very, vary sluggish. After a bit it wasn't much responding at all so I shut it down with the power button and booted to the recovery disk. Disk Utility said the S.M.A.R.T. Said it was Failing ... That can't be good at all.

A quick call to Apple has me scheduled to visit the Apple store tomorrow. I hope they can replace the drive right then and then I'll have to restore from backup.

I sure am glad I keep good backups!

Wish me luck.

Model railroad turnout controls

I want to put out a question to everyone who does model railroading. Especially those that use Kato Unitrack although I suspect my project would apply to other electrically controlled turnouts.

My layout, N-scale, uses Kato Unitrack. Yes, it's clunky and pretty ugly but it lets me play like using an Erector Set or Lego, if you want to change it you just rearrange.