Setting up OS X Server for sane ftp access

I had a problem ... don't I always? ... I couldn't admin WordPress "normally" with ftp access on my own server. The problem was that OS X Server ftp setup was minimal, at best, non-functional would be a better description. It took a while but I was able to get it working pretty well. I have a ways to go but I got it working for one of the web sites. Here's what I found ...


On my systems I have fortune enabled at login.  Some can be good, some are marginally printable. I like this one I got this evening:

     smog  |   bricks
 AIR  --  mud  --  FIRE
soda water |   tequila

Mmmm, tequila!


I hate it when that happens!

My hard drive failed! On my laptop. When I woke it this morning it was very sluggish, very, vary sluggish. After a bit it wasn't much responding at all so I shut it down with the power button and booted to the recovery disk. Disk Utility said the S.M.A.R.T. Said it was Failing ... That can't be good at all.

A quick call to Apple has me scheduled to visit the Apple store tomorrow. I hope they can replace the drive right then and then I'll have to restore from backup.

I sure am glad I keep good backups!

Wish me luck.

Model railroad turnout controls

I want to put out a question to everyone who does model railroading. Especially those that use Kato Unitrack although I suspect my project would apply to other electrically controlled turnouts.

My layout, N-scale, uses Kato Unitrack. Yes, it's clunky and pretty ugly but it lets me play like using an Erector Set or Lego, if you want to change it you just rearrange.

Data Robotics update fixes service error apparently

I was experiencing a recurrent problem.  There were many, many messages like:

May 31 19:26:49 DDService64d[3813]: Exception invoking task

in my system.log.  Nothing "seemed" amiss but I didn't care for it. There were HUNDREDS of these messages.

So tonight I tried doing this:

sudo launchctl stop com.datarobotics.ddservice64d

And, lo and behold, the errors stopped.  The PID for DDService64d did change because launchd restarted it automagically but the errors stopped.