New look? Well, sort of ...

I've put the web site behind a reverse proxy. That does a couple of things: it lets me require https connections, and also use Lets-Encrypt certificates; it allows me to easily front-end some other systems that I have running; and provides some defense against DoS attacks if that should ever come to pass. Now the interwebs talk only to my tiny proxy and don't have direct access to my servers. The proxy is running haproxy on a small Raspberry Pi.

Spiral Vase print

I always wanted to try a Spiral Vase type print but hadn't found anything that I really liked. This form was posted on the Prusa forums by someone having trouble getting Slic3r to slice it in "spiral vase" properly. I tried it in Simplify3D and it came out well so I tried printing it.

It's nearly watertight except for a couple of spots on the bottom and one spot in the wall that got some grunge caught. I think a little wax coating inside would seal it up nicely.

eSun PETG is really great

I just finished a large print using the PETG clear and it came out great.

What I printed was a spool hanger for my printer. This one is much more sturdy than the one that Prusa printed and has a filament guide to help prevent jams coming off the reel. You can see the central axle is pretty big. That took a while to print. But it's all very sturdy and the spool turns much more freely than on the others that I tried.

What happened to MadeSolid?

I found a filament that I really liked, PET+, from MadeSolid. But their web site has been down for several days. The time I tried to call them I got no answer and their voice mail had not been set up. Emails, even when the web site was active, are not returned.

Does anybody know anything about their status?

Problem encountered and solved on the printer

Last night as I was starting a new print (AA battery storage box) the printer started making a chunking noise at the extruder and the filament stopped coming out. OUCH! I unloaded the filament and tried clearing the nozzle with a 0.4mm needle but, as I suspected, that didn't fix it. I used a bit of filament to probe the extruder and found that it seemed to stop just above the heatbreak. As it was late I just turned everything off and went to bed.